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  1. 新鮮水果
  2. 日本青森縣產5品種100%完熟蘋果汁
  3. Ginseng Workshop(加拿大) 人參糖
  4. 奇華迷你白蓮蓉月餅


- 此禮品附送 賀卡牌(插置於禮品上) 或 LTP GIFT 個人心意卡(放在信封内)
- 圖中水果款式為時令款式,有可能會轉成其他同樣價值之水果


Fruit Basket has 4 types of fresh fruits, about 4-6 pcs.

  1. Fresh Fruits
  2. Japanese Aomori Ringo 100% Apple Juice
  3. Ginseng Workshop(Canada) Bon Bon Licious
  4. Kee Wah Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake With Yolk

Additional Information

- This gift comes with a message card board (Place on top ) OR  LTP GIFT  message card (in an envelop)

-Due to seasonality, some fruits might be replaced with other types of fruits


  • 客人下單後,需在購物車內按下備註,填寫以下資料:

    * 訂貨人姓名
    * 訂貨人聯絡電話
    * 收貨人名字
    * 收貨人地址

    - 收貨人電話
    - 祝福語


    Once you placed your order, please fill in the following information at the shopping cart Memo area.
    (*) Mandatory 
    * Orderer's Name

    * Orderer's contact number
    * Receiver's name
    * Receiver's address

    - Receiver's contact number

    - Greeting messages

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