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傳統中秋果籃 LMAF164R

中秋佳節期間(9月14日 - 9月30日)將不設即日單及指定時間送貨服務,所有訂單將於 9am-6pm送出。

精選中秋果籃 MAF164R


回味細嚐 鳳凰卷 (椰子芝麻)
意大利汽酒 Scagliola, Moscate d'Asti DOCG "Primo Bacio"750ml
意大利紅酒 Petrognano,Chianti DOCG "MEME" 750ml


All the orders will be delivered at 9am-6pm during the mid-autumn festival (14Sept - 30Sept).

No special request on delivery date/time and same day order during the period.

Selects Mid Autumn Festival MAF164R

8 types of fresh fruits are included in this hamper, including imported fruits, About 8-10 pcs

On Kee Braised Abalone Brown Sauce
Delicate by After Taste - Phoenix Rolls (Coconut & Sesame)
Scagliola, Moscate d'Asti DOCG "Primo Bacio"750ml
Petrognano,Chianti DOCG "MEME" 750ml
Classic Gift Basket

傳統中秋果籃 LMAF164R

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