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嬰兒禮籃 LBH170

加拿大Glitter & Spice 嬰兒矽膠碗+匙套裝 x1
Hudson Baby 矽膠口水肩 x1
Luvena Fortuna 珊瑚絨毛毯 x1
Luvena Fortuna 布藝玩具 x1
Luvena Fortuna搖鈴啤啤熊 x1
高級人造皮盒 / 高級禮物盒

由於貨存關係, 款式可能調動, 產品有可能會轉成其他同樣價值之產品


Glitter & Spice Silicone Bowl + Spoon Setx1
Hudson Baby Silicone Bib x1
Luvena Fortuna Plush Blanket x1
Luvena Fortuna Plush Toy x1
Luvena Fortuna Bear Rattle x1
Delicate Man-made Leather Gift Box / Gift Box

Subject to the availability of products, the items inside may vary. Unavailable items will be replaced by other similar products with the same value.

嬰兒禮籃 LBH170

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