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西班牙黑毛豬中秋禮籃 LDXMAF233L

中秋佳節期間(9月14日 - 9月30日)將不設即日單及指定時間送貨服務,所有訂單將於 9am-6pm送出。

西班牙黑毛豬中秋禮籃 DXMAF233L


Diverxu 西班牙黑毛豬火腿 穀物餵飼最少 30 月風乾期
Diverxu 片裝潘普洛納辣肉腸
西班牙Selectos de Castilla鴨肝慕絲
西班牙Cofrutos 100%菠蘿汁750ml


All the orders will be delivered at 9am-6pm during the mid-autumn festival (14Sept - 30Sept).

No special request on delivery date/time and same day order during the period.

Iberico Ham Mid Autumn Festival Hamper DXMAF233L

Product Details

4 types of fresh fruits are included in this hamper, including imported fruits, About 4 pcs
Diverxu Serrano Ham 16 months' curation, Spain
Diverxu Iberico Cebo Ham Minimum 30 months' curation, Spain
Diverxu Sliced chorizo pamplona
Ecoficus Fig Bombon-8 units, Spain
Selectos de Castilla Mousse de foie, Spain
Ecoficus Organic figs, Spain
Cofrutos 100% Squeeze juice Pineapple 750ml, Spain

西班牙黑毛豬中秋禮籃 LDXMAF233L

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