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豐衣足食新年禮籃 CNY048


官燕棧養生薈如意禮盒 (花菇+鱈魚膠+元貝) x1

官燕棧頂級原木椎茸禮盒 x1

安記即食溏心鮑魚+ x1

安記酥蜜腰果仁 x1

奇華什錦蝴蝶酥禮盒/回味蝴蝶酥禮盒 x1

回味細嚐 鳳凰卷 (椰子芝麻) x1

回味賞茗-洋甘菊花香茶 x1

法國波爾多紅酒  Chateau des Graves 750ml x1

高級人造皮盒  16




The Hamper includes:
IBN Lift Concept Wishful Giftbox (Cod Fish Maw + Csaliop + Mushroom) x1

IBN Life Mushroom Gift Pack x1

On Kee Braised Abalone in Brown Sauce x1

On Kee RoastedCashews x1

Kee Wah Assorted Palmiers Gift Box / Delicate by After Tasteutterfly Pastry (Original) x1

Delicate by After Taste - Phoenix Rolls (Coconut & Sesame) x1

Cha by After Taste - Chamomile & Melissa Tea x1

Chateau des Graves 750ml x1

Delicate Man-made Leather Gift Box


Due to product availability, items might be replaced with other items with the same value/style.


豐衣足食新年禮籃 CNY048

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