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財源廣進新年禮籃 CNY036


官燕棧頂級原木椎茸禮盒 x1

安記即食溏心鮑魚+ x1

安記酥蜜腰果仁 x1

伯爵堂石榴龍井 x1

奇華什錦蝴蝶酥禮盒 x1

回味細嚐 鳳凰卷 (椰子芝麻) x1

法國波爾多紅酒  Chateau des Graves 750ml x1





The Hamper includes:
IBN Life Mushroom Gift Pack x1

On Kee Braised Abalone in Brown Sauce x1

On Kee RoastedCashews x1

Passionfruit Dragon Weh Full Leaf Loose Tea x1

Kee Wah Assorted Palmiers Gift Box x1

Delicate by After Taste - Phoenix Rolls (Coconut & Sesame) x1

Chateau des Graves 750ml x1

Delicate Man-made Leather Gift Box


Due to product availability, items might be replaced with other items with the same value/style.

財源廣進新年禮籃 CNY036

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