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財源滾滾新年禮籃 CNY001


官燕棧頂級原木椎茸禮盒 x1

奇華迷你合桃酥 x1                                                                                                       

回味賞茗-果莓花香茶 x1

英國Monty Bojangles可榛子狂熱軟心朱古力 x1

法國波爾多紅酒 Queen of Mont Perat Blanc,France, Bordreux, 750ml x1




The Hamper includes:

IBN Life Mushroom Gift Pack x1

Kee Wah Mini Walnut Cookies x1

Cha by After Taste - Forest Fruit Tea x1

Monty Bojangles french Cocoa Dusted Truffle Cubes- Scrumple Nutty, England x1

Queen of Mont Perat Blanc, France, Bordreux, 750ml x1

Wooden Gift Box

Due to product availability, items might be replaced with other items with the same value/style.

財源滾滾新年禮籃 CNY001

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