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Godiva 松露朱古力中秋果籃 LMAF163L

All the orders will be delivered at 9am-6pm during the mid-autumn festival (1Sept - 21Sept).

No special request on delivery date/time and same day order during the period.

Selects Mid Autumn Festival MAF163L

Product Details

10 types of fresh fruits are included in this hamper, including imported fruits, About 14-16 pcs

· Hosui Pear 
· Aomori Sun Fuji 
· Orange 
· Dragon Fruit 
· Plum/Pear 
· Bell Fruit/Plum 
· USA Red Grape / Green Grapes 
· Columbia kirin fruit / Pomegranate 
· Korean Citrus Fruit 
· Muskmelon (or upgrade to Japanese Muskmelon with additional charge) 
· Imported Boxed Blueberry 
· Orin Apple 
· GODIVA Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Biscuits 18pcs, Belgium  / Godiva Cookies Assortment / Godiva Chocolate Carré Collection
· GODIVA Cube Chocolate Truffle Gift Box, Belgium 
· Delicate Man-made Leather Gift Box 

Due to seasonality, some products have seasonal style varies.


中秋佳節期間(9月1日 - 9月21日)將不設即日單及指定時間送貨服務,所有訂單將於 9am-6pm送出。

精選中秋果籃 MAF163L



· 豐水梨 
· 富士蘋果 
· 新奇士橙 
· 火龍果 
· 布冧/香梨 
· 天桃/布冧 
· 美國紅提子 / 無核青提子 
· 進口麒麟果 / 神石榴 
· 進口蜜柑 
· 溫室蜜瓜 (可升級日本溫室蜜瓜) "需補差價" 
· 進口盒裝藍莓 
· 王林蘋果 
·比利時Godiva 什錦朱古力曲奇 / 比利時Godiva 16片裝朱古力禮盒
· 比利時GODIVA Cube松露朱古力禮盒 
· 高級人造皮盒 


Godiva 松露朱古力中秋果籃 LMAF163L

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