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Personalised Embroidery Bib   繡名嬰兒口水肩 (算式)
Personalised Embroidery Bib   自訂繡名嬰兒口水肩 (算式)

Please provide Baby Name and Name color
需要提供BB名字 和 繡名字顏色

Please provide some information by the below format
另外, 請以以下格式回覆我們繡花內容:
(請填上名字 fill in the name)
+ (請填上名字 fill in the name)
(BB名稱 Baby name)

請回覆以上資料至電郵 :
Please reply above of information by E-mail :

Personalised Embroidery Bib 繡名嬰兒口水肩 (算式)

繡名文字顏色 Name Color
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