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輕型聖誕禮盒 - LCH2115D

All the orders will be delivered at 9am-6pm during the Christmas  (7 Dec -31 Dec).

· Temole Cauliflower Puffs, USA 
· Temole Avocado Chips, USA 
· Ecoficus Organic figs, Spain 
· Karma Bites Popped Lotus Seeds, United Kingdom 
· Compal 100% Juice 200ml, Portugal  
· Gift Box 

Additional Product Details 


A complimentary message card or a greeting card with envelope(Please contact The Gift Customer Service Team) is included. 


*In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.


聖誕佳節期間(12月7日 至 12月31日)將不設即日單及指定時間送貨服務,所有訂單將於 9am-6pm送出。

· 美國Temole椰菜花脆 
· 美國Temole牛油果脆片 
· 西班牙Ecoficus有機無花果 
· 英國Karma Bites 蓮子爆谷 
· 葡萄牙Compal100%新鮮果汁200ml 
· 高級禮物盒 




隨禮品附送賀卡牌一張 或 個人心意卡連信封(請先與The Gift客戶服務部聯絡)。


輕型聖誕禮盒 - LCH2115D

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