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-薑心比心薑養純露洗髮精500ml (適合媽媽產後使用)

-薑心比心薑潤養髮乳360ml (適合媽媽產後使用)







- 此禮品附送賀卡牌(插置於禮品上) 或 LTP GIFT 個人心意卡(放在信封内)

-由於貨存關係, 款式可能調動, 產品有可能會轉成其他同樣價值之產品


-Gin Ger Ginger Shampoo 500ml (Suitable for Mother Afterbirth)

-Gin Ger Ginger Conditioner 360ml (Suitable for Mother Afterbirth)

-100% Cotton Baby Hooded Towel

-Teddy Bear

-Baby Shoes

-Wooden Gift Box


Additional Information

- This gift comes with a message card board (Place on top ) OR message card (in an envelop)

-Subject to the availability of products, the items inside may vary. Unavailable items will be replaced by other similar products with the same value.



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