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Clos La Coutale Malbec Cahors France 2015 750ml

Cereline 杏仁碎朱古力/ 碎朱古力 曲奇餅 x1

龍島雜錦純黑朱古力 -16片x1

Krisca The Nuts Specialist  果仁 /乾果x1

GODIVA 榛果牛奶巧克力 / 杏仁黑巧克力 x1

LTPGIFT 特色人造皮提籃




此禮品附送 賀卡牌(插置於禮品上) 或 LTP GIFT 個人心意卡(放在信封内)


Business Hamper

Clos La Coutale Malbec Cahors France  2015 750ml

Cereline Cookies With Chocolate / Chocolate & Almond Cookies x1

Lucullus Mixed Dark Chocolate Gift Box, 16pcs x1

Krisca The Nuts Specialist pecan kernels / Natural Dried Fruits x1

GODIVA Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts / Dark Chocolate Almonds x1

LTP GIFT Delicate gift box


Additional Information

This hamper comes with a message card board (Place on top ) or LTP GIFT message card (in envelop)
Due to seasonality, some products have seasonal style varies


庫存單位: BUH002
  • 客人下單後,需在購物車內按下備註,填寫以下資料:

    * 訂貨人姓名
    * 訂貨人聯絡電話
    * 收貨人名字
    * 收貨人地址

    - 收貨人電話
    - 祝福語


    Once you placed your order, please fill in the following information at the shopping cart Memo area.
    (*) Mandatory 
    * Orderer's Name

    * Orderer's contact number
    * Receiver's name
    * Receiver's address

    - Receiver's contact number

    - Greeting messages

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