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Lanson Champagne Black Label Brut 3000ml 1C0031-FRAEC

Champagne Lanson
Champagne Lanson是蘭斯的一家香檳酒莊,以其果味清爽的BlackLabelcuvée而聞名。它由Francis Delamotte於1760年創立,並於1798年傳給他的兒子Nicolas-Louis。他是馬耳他騎士團的騎士,並將馬耳他十字勳章作為徽章引入其中。 Black Label Brut在與其他主要品牌的盲品中經常表現出色。這通常歸因於與一些競爭者相比劑量中額外甜度的組合,以及脆酸度水平 - 蘋果乳酸發酵被阻斷。這款金色標籤的葡萄酒因其長壽和物有所值而備受讚譽,同時也是時尚和清爽的風格。 Lanson的許多葡萄酒以黑比諾為主,少量的霞多麗葡萄酒和有時的Pinot Meunier葡萄酒。此外,Lanson還根據較舊年份的組合生產Brut,Blanc de Blancs和Extra Age系列中的Rosé。該系列由NobleCuvée葡萄酒組成,由精選的Grand Cru葡萄園釀製而成。克洛斯蘭森(Clos Lanson)是這個房子的聲望,由橡木老化的基礎葡萄釀製而成,葡萄來自佔地面積2.5英畝的土地,位於蘭斯聖母院大教堂對面,靠近蘭森酒窖。第一個年份是2006年。


Champagne Lanson
Champagne Lanson is a Champagne house in Reims, known particularly for its fruity, refreshing Black Label cuvée. It was founded in 1760 by Francis Delamotte, and in 1798 passed on to his son Nicolas-Louis. He was a Knight of the Order of Malta, and introduced the Maltese Cross as an emblem on the label. The Black Label Brut is often a strong performer in blind tastings against the other major marques. This is often attributed to the combination of extra sweetness in the dosage compared with some competitors, combined with crisp acidity levels – malolactic fermentation is blocked. The gold-label vintage wine attracts acclaim for its longevity and value for money, and is also zesty and crisp in style. Many of Lanson's wines are Pinot Noir-dominant, with smaller amounts of Chardonnay and sometimes Pinot Meunier. In addition, Lanson also produces a Brut, Blanc de Blancs and a Rosé in the Extra Age series, based on a combination of older vintages. The range is topped by a similar trio of Noble Cuvée wines, made from selected Grand Cru vineyards. The Clos Lanson is the house's prestige release, made from oak-aged base wines with grapes from a walled hectare (2.5-acre) plot opposite the Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral and nearby the Lanson cellars. The first vintage was the 2006.

Lanson Champagne Black Label Brut 3000ml 1C0031-FRAEC

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