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3 層尿片蛋糕 LGM3T036


3層Pampers初生baby 尿片 (尺碼: 細碼/中碼/大碼/加大碼)

車車氣球 x1

小象公仔 x1

Luvable Friends立體動物包被x1

Luvable Friends 多用途BB包被 (可用作毛巾/尿墊/被仔用途) x1

Little Caleb 牙膠連奶咀夾x1

Zuri Baby繡花口水肩x1

鞋仔 x1

鞋仔襪 x1

精美心意卡 (請在購物車內按下備註備註填上心意卡內容)



3Tier Pampers Diaper (SIZE:S/M/L/XL)

Buggy Balloon x1

Baby Elephant Plush Toy x1

Luvable Friends 3D Animals Blanket x1

Luvable Friends Multi-purpose Baby Blanket (Towel/Pad/Swaddle) x1

Little Caleb Silicone Teether with Pacifier Clip x1

Zuri Baby Embroidered Bib x1

Baby Shoes x1

Baby Booties x1

Greeting Card (Please leave the message in the check out remarks.)


3 層尿片蛋糕 LGM3T036

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