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Wittmann 100 Hugel Riesling Troken , Germany,Rheinhessan 750ml 1S0010-GFMEC

萊茵黑森(Rheinhessen)肥沃的山丘及其著名的葡萄酒是菲利普·威特曼(Philipp Wittmann)的故鄉。 他對葡萄酒的釀造持謹慎態度,使他的100Hills Riesling已經成為現代經典:優雅的葡萄柚和桃子讓人回味無窮。
令人驚奇的多汁和清新的雷司令,具有活潑的酸度和微妙的礦物質味。 優雅清新,充滿生機,散發出葡萄柚,酸橙,新鮮藥草和桃子的迷人氣息。 必不可少的日常雷司令。



100% RieslingThe fertile hills of Rheinhessen with its famous wines is the home of Philipp Wittmann. He developed good wine making cautious ahead and makes his 100Hills Riesling already a modern classic: elegant with invigorating freshness of grapefruit and peach remembering.An amazing juicy and refreshing Riesling, with racy acidity and a delicate minerality. Elegant with a zippy freshness, it travels an enrapturing path of grapefruit, lime, fresh herbs and peach. An essential every-day Riesling.Stunning when paired with a range of seasonal salads, spring vegetables or white meat.

Wittmann 100 Hugel Riesling Troken , Germany,Rheinhessan 750ml 1S0010-GFMEC

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